Treasure Pods

"Treasure Pods" is a hidden mission from Sir Hammerlock vs. The Son of Crawmerax in Borderlands 2

Mission Type[edit]

Side Mission (DLC)

Start location[edit]

Wam Bam Island

How to start[edit]

Speak to Sir Hammerlock


Wam Bam Island


Money and XP

Mission Description[edit]

This is not a true mission with objectives and a reward at the end. Instead, it is a treasure hunt across much of Wam Bam Island. To complete this, you need to have activated the Water Wheel as needed during Sun, Fun and Guns. This will enable the Treasure Syringe Dispenser found on the docks nearby the Retirement Cottages. Be sure you have a minimum of 30 Eridium as you can get 3 syringes for your use. Once you have the Treasure Syringes you can start hunting up the Treasure Pod.


Treasure Pod 1:

Bl2 Treasure Pod 1 loc.jpg

The first Treasure Pod is found to the South of the entrance to Arousal Avenue. Follow the Adult Varkid to the Northwest into Arousal Avenue. Follow it to the Northwest and into the area with all the Tropical Varkids. Quickly defeat them all and then loot the chest that appears behind the pod.

Treasure Pod 2:

Bl2 Treasure Pod 2.jpg

Head over to the East and toward the edge of the area. You will find the second Treasure Pod. Follow the Adult Varkid as it flies over to the West. It will head into another, smaller, nest of Varkids. Just deal with them and claim the loot that appears.

Treasure Pod 3:

Bl2 Treasure Pod 3.jpg

The final Treasure Pod can only be accessed from Arousal Avenue. Head to the Southeastern corner of it. And find the top of the waterfall there. Head to the Southwestern side of it and make your way carefully over to the third Treasure Pod. Inject the pod with the Treasure Syringe and follow the Adult Varkid that emerges. It will head past the Fast Travel Station then go along the beach to the South then Southwest. Just keep with it to in front of the docks of the Retirement Cottages. The Varkid will burrow into the ground there, spilling out a massive amount of loot.