Captain Scarlett gives you the mission "Two Easy Pieces" where you have to kill Sandman in Borderlands 2

Two Easy Pieces is a mission from the Pirate's Booty DLC in Borderlands 2

NPC Quest Giver[edit]

Captain Scarlett


A Study in Scarlett


Captain Scarlett's Pirate Ship

Hayter's Folly

Coastal Caverns

The Aquanexus

Hot Spring Hideout


Open Gate

Kill Sandman

Kill Big Sleep

Find the Second Compass Piece

Raid Hyperion Caravan

Turn in: Captain Scarlett


You need to kill Sandman in Hayter's Folly


Money and XP


Pirates, Loaders, Crystalisks, Skags



Big Sleep

Mission Briefing[edit]

So the legends say that whoever gets all four pieces of a mystical compass will find the lost treasure. I've got a piece, because I'm awesome. But Sandman has one, too. Head to Hayter's Folly, kill Sandman, and get his piece of the compass. Sounds good?

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Scarlett has a piece of Captain Blade's Compass. Thanks to your work in retrieving two more pieces from Sandman and the Hyperion caravan, only ONE pieces of the compass remains. Better get to it - you won't be able to track down the Treasure of the Sands until the compass is fully restored.


Head into Hayter's Folly and fight your way through to the back where you will encounter Sandman and Big Sleep. Defeat them, loot the chest and then head back to Wurmwater. There you will find the Hyperion Convey with the second compass piece. Defeat the Loaders there and you will be able to claim the third compass piece from the Sandskiff Convoy.

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