These are the new enemy names from the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack DLC:

Advanced Combat Engineer
Advanced Engineer
Barbed Pup Skag
Transformed Names:
Barbed Fire Pup
Barbed Shock Pup
Barbed Corrosive Pup
Barbed Slag Pup
Barbed Skag
Transformed Names:
Barbed Fire Skag
Barbed Shock Skag
Barbed Corrosive Skag
Barbed Slag Skag
Bitsy Bomber
Blazing Spiderant
Blitz Stalker
Blood Witch Doctor
Bog Drifter
Bone Crusher
Boomstick Midget
Burner Bone Crusher
Clash Stalker
Clutch Thresher
Constructor Turret v3.0
Constructor v3.0
Crazed Grogmaster
Crazed Swabbie
Deep Sea Whaler
Demon Witch Doctor
Despicable Rat Bastard
Diseased Spiderant
Diseased Witch Doctor
Electrified Nomad
Electrified Witch Doctor
Flaming Lunatic
Flesh-Eating Rat
Fossil Skag
Foul Borok
Foul Borok Pygmy
Frenzied Marauder
Frosty Lunatic
Furious Cabin Boy
Gallant Scaylion
Gallant Spiderant
Gas Guzzler
Hardball Bullymong
Transformed Names:
Hardball Primal Beast
Hardball Ferovore
Hardball Bonerfart
Hyperion Anti-Freedom Fighter
Hyperion Marksman
Hyperion Predator
Hyperion Spook
Infected Scaylion
Ironclad Borok
Ironclad Lunatic
Ironclad Skag
Ironclad Skag Rider
Knee-High Nomad
Landscape Thresher
Legendary Loot Midget Engineer
Legendary Loot Midget Goliath
Transformed Names:
Legendary Raging Loot Midget Goliath
Legendary Badass Loot Midget Goliath
Legendary Super Badass Loot Midget Goliath
Legendary Ultimate Badass Loot Midget Goliath
Legendary Midget GOD-liath
Legendary Loot Midget Marauder
Legendary Loot Midget Nomad
Legendary Loot Midget Psycho
Legendary Loot Midget Rat
Legendary Loot Wee GUN Loader
Legendary Loot Wee JET Loader
Legendary Loot Wee WAR Loader
Lieutenant Enforcer
Transformed Names:
Momma's Lieutenant Enforcer
Burner Lieutenant Enforcer
Torgue Lieutenant Enforcer
Lil' Lunatic
Lunatic Bomber
Lunatic Miner
Mineral Bullymong
Transformed Names:
Mineral Primal Beast
Mineral Ferovore
Mineral Bonerfart
Mineral Bullymong
Mole Rat
Monarch Spiderant
Murdering Marauder
Mutated Lab Rat
Neutralizing Witch Doctor
Nomad Arsonist
Nomad Head Crusher
Nomad Plunderer
Nomad Tyrant
Pestilent Stalker
Pirate Gunner
Pirate Mercenary
Raging Midget
Rift Thresher
Road Warrior
Rugged Marauder
Ruthless Bullymong Brat
Transformed Names:
Ruthless Primal Beast Brat
Ruthless Ferovore Brat
Ruthless Bonerfart Brat
Ruthless Bullymong
Transformed Names:
Ruthless Primal Beast
Ruthless Ferovore
Ruthless Bonerfart
Ruthless Bullyrott
Ruthless Monglet
Transformed Names:
Ruthless Primalet
Ruthless Ferovolet
Ruthless Bonertoot
Sadistic Pirate
Sadistic Pirate Assassin
Salivating Skag
Transformed Names:
Salivating Fire Skag
Salivating Shock Skag
Salivating Corrosive Skag
Salivating Slagged Skag
Scarlett Mercenary
Scaylion Empress
Scaylion Mutilator
Scaylion Slave
Scaylion Weaver
Slagged Lunatic
Spiderant Brawler
Spiderant Procreator
Spiderant Sentry
Spiderant Slave
Spiderant Slugger
Spiderant Slugger
Super Badass Constructor v3.0
Super Badass Loader
Super Badass Pirate
Super Duper Badass Midget
Transformed Names:
Super Duper Raging Midget Goliath
Super Duper Badass Midget Goliath
Super Duper Giant Midget of Death
Super Slagged Scaylion
Surging Borok
Swamp Drifter
Torgue Boomer
Torgue Bulletstormer
Torgue Destroyer
Torgue Dust Devil
Torgue Flamer
Torgue Kill Dozer
Torgue Punisher
Toxic Sand Worm
Toxic Sand Worm Grub
Tremor Thresher
Tubby Midget
Tubby Rakk
Tubby Spiderant
Tubby Stalker
Tubby Varkid
Typhoon Stalker
Ultimate Badass Biker
Ultimate Badass Bullymong
Transformed Names:
Ultimate Badass Primal Beast
Ultimate Badass Ferovore
Ultimate Badass Bonerfart
Ultimate Badass Corrosive Borok
Ultimate Badass Corrosive Skag
Ultimate Badass Drifter
Ultimate Badass Enforcer
Transformed Names:
Ultimate Badass Momma's Enforcer
Ultimate Badass Burner Enforcer
Ultimate Badass Torgue Enforcer
Ultimate Badass Fire Borok
Ultimate Badass Fire Skag
Ultimate Badass Loader
Ultimate Badass Lunatic
Ultimate Badass Marauder
Ultimate Badass Nomad
Ultimate Badass Pyre Thresher
Ultimate Badass Rockwall Bullymong
Transformed Names:
Ultimate Badass Rockwall Primal Beast
Ultimate Badass Rockwall Ferovore
Ultimate Badass Rockwall Bonerfart
Ultimate Badass Shock Borok
Ultimate Badass Shock Skag
Ultimate Badass Slag Borok
Ultimate Badass Slag Skag
Ultimate Badass Stalker
Ultimate Badass Stalker
Ultimate Badass Torgue Eliminator
Ultimate Badass Witch Doctor
Transformed Names:
Skilled Warrior
Blood Warrior
Animal Warrior
Demon Warrior
Spirit Warrior
Wee Rat
Yack Skag
Transformed Names:
Fire Yacker
Shock Yacker
Corrosive Yacker
Slagged Yacker
Young Thresher