Borderlands 2: Uncle Teddy

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A Tidal Wave shotgun, one of the optional rewards for completing Uncle Teddy in Borderlands 2

Uncle Teddy is a side mission in Borderlands 2


[edit] Quest Giver

Fyrestone Bounty Board

[edit] Prerequisites

Toil and Trouble

[edit] Locations

Fyrestone (Quest Start)

Arid Nexus Badlands

T.K. Baha's House

[edit] Objectives

Find TK's Blueprint

Turn in: Una


Turn in: Hyperion Mailbox

[edit] Description

Family is everything.

Level 28

Side Mission

Optional Mission

[edit] Rewards


93402 XP

Rare Pistol (Blue) (Una Mailbox). For example, Amplified Lady Fist


Rare Shotgun (Blue) (Hyperion Mailbox). For example, Leather Tidal Wave

[edit] Enemies

[edit] Progress Updates

[edit] Mission Briefing

A woman named Una has asked you to help her avenge her uncle, Teddy, who lived in Fyrestone. Teddy, a weapons inventor, was exiled to Pandora after Hyperion stole his weapon designs. If you can find proof of Hyperion's patent theft, Una can sue the pants off them, metaphorically.

[edit] Mission Debriefing

You've uncovered the history of T.K. Baha - gone but not forgotten.

[edit] Walkthrough

Locate TK Baha's house. It is on the south/southwest edge of Arid Nexus Badlands.

Pull emblem in middle of the room, which will reveal the secret basement entrance. Go down the ladder. Loot everything in the room

Listen to any ECHO Recorders you find.

Pull lever on side of vending machine.

Mail plans to Una (using mailbox near Fyrestone Bounty Board) or to Hyperion (Using mailbox near fast travel station)

[edit] Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats

Open ALL the containers to get every ECHO Recorder. But there is a glitch in which sometimes the last ECHO Recorder does not show up. If this happens, just leave and re-enter the game and search again.

Blueprints to end the quest: Marcus machine in the basement, there is a switch on the side

Make sure to put plans in the correct mailbox

[edit] Turn in Uncle Teddy to Una or Hyperion?

[edit] Mailing Blueprints to Una

When Turning this mission to Una, you get a Lady Fist pistol similar to the Amplified Lady Fist: Amplifieduncleteddy.jpg

[edit] Mailing Blueprints to Hyperion

When turning it in to Hyperion, you get a Tidal Wave shotgun, similar to this Leather Tidal Wave: Leathertidalwavebl2uncleteddy.jpg

So see the rewards above and decide if better to mail blueprints to Una Baha or mail to Hyperion

Other than which reward you get, there aren't any major consequences whether you mail plans to Una or Hyperion. So just choose best weapon for you.

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