A Mural Depicting Handsome Jack in the Hyperion Hall of History in the city of Opportunity in Borderlands 2

Written by the Victor is a side mission in Borderlands 2

Mission Start[edit]

Living Legend Plaza (Opportunity)


The Once and Future Slab




Learn Jack's History

Learn Vault History

Learn Monster History

Learn Eridium History

Learn Hyperion's Goal

Get a clear understanding 0/5

Turn in: Hyperion Hall of History


History is a funny thing

Experience the Hyperion Hall of History

Level 21

Side Mission

Optional Mission



420 XP

Mission level and rewards vary, based on your current level



Combat Engineer

HOT Loader

ION Loader


Progress Updates[edit]

"Welcome to the Hyperion Hall of History! All citizens who reach the end of our historical tour will receive a sizable tax refund!"

Jack History[edit]

In the beginning, Pandora was chaos.. and then there was Jack. When Jack came to Pandora, he found a world of danger and hardship... Jack armed himself to the teeth, using the quality armaments of Hyperion - the company he called home.

Vault History[edit]

Jack learned of a legendary vault that housed a terrible evil. He defeated many horrors to reach the Vault. Hideous monsters, and vicious bandits.

Monster History[edit]

And five years ago, Jack defeated the monster inside the Vault, triumphed over the evil treasure seekers, and brought peace to Pandora. With that done, the Handsome One staked a claim on the very planet he had saved. For the opening of the vault bore a wonderful secret only he could have predicted

Eridium History[edit]

Eridium. This mysterious, alien element flourished across Pandora, and Jack became an overnight trillionaire.

Hyperion's Goal[edit]

Today, Jack, now the owner of the Hyperion corporation, has dedicated his life to bringing bandit scum to justice. There is only one word to describe what Jack has become to Pandora: A Hero.

Mission Briefing[edit]

The Hyperion Hall of History gives out cash bonuses to anyone who sits through Handsome Jack's skewed version of Pandoran History.

Mission Debriefing[edit]

Having suffered through the collection of lies that was the Hyperion Hall of History, you earned a hefty cash reward.

"Thank you for visiting the Hall of History! Take this tax refund as a reward for your continued loyalty"


Just listen to the five history lessons from each station

Strategy Guide - Tips - Cheats[edit]

Best to first clear the area of the Loaders and Engineers

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