Agonizer 9000 in Borderlands 3.

Agonizer 9000 is a Boss in Borderlands 3.


A massive robot that is designed to slaughter numerous bandits quickly.

  • Has a knife in its skull to attack with.
  • Can use its short arm as a hammer.
  • Extends a saw from its mouth that can sweep the arena either at ground level or a short distance above it.
  • Throughout the fight, there will be a barrier that will spit 1 buzz saw (or 3 after getting Agonzier 9000 below a particular health percentage).
  • Can construct cover (that the saw blade will destroy)
  • Can heat/burst flames from most sections of the arena.
  • Has numerous weak points: Eyes, red circuit breakers, Red tank below "ribs" and red tank on bank.
  • Getting into the purple health bar will change the main attack.
  • The core will send out a slow tracking beam that leaves a trail of flame.