Blood Packs 0/4 is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Blood Packs 0/4 is an objective in the Side Quest, Healers and Dealers in Borderlands 3


  • There are 4 Blood Packs that need to be collected.

Blood Pack 1=[edit]

Blood Pack 2[edit]

  • Head down from the perch shop of Hardin.
  • Go to the North and up the slope to the next section of the Spillways.
  • You will see a Medical Technical emerge from the East.
  • Destroy this technical to get more of the needed supplies.

Blood Pack 3[edit]

  • Continue over to the West from where you first encountered Medical Technical.
  • Head on up the slope underneath the next overpass and head to the North to get inside the storm drain.
  • Fight through the Ratch and Ratchlings to get to the opening in the ceiling.
  • Climb up through the opening to reach the next room.
  • Fight through the Badass Ratch as well and reach the Eastern side of the room.
  • Open the medical chest in this area to collect the meds and the Third Blood Pack.