Captain Haunt is a Soldier in Borderlands 3.


The leader of the Undead Forces.

  • Time to fight Captain Haunt.
  • He starts shields and you need to break that shield to do any damage.
  • As things start, attack with a Shock weapon to break the shield protecting him.
  • He will start by launching a number of attacks filled with green energy.
  • He can also fire off a lingering flame field.
  • After you have done enough damage, Captain Haunt will erect a pair of Shield Phylacteries.
  • While protected, the Vault Hunter will need to fight through more of the Undead and break the Phylacteries while Captain Haunt attacks.
  • Captain Haunt can also unleash a number of Gravedigger Troopers, Dissection Trooper.
  • Break the shield and then focus fire on Captain Haunt's head.
  • Repeat this cycle as needed to defeat Captain Haunt.