Collect Pizza toppings is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Collect Pizza toppings is an objective in the Story Mission, Hammerlocked in Borderlands 3


  • From Tiny Tina, head to the East and then turn to the North (going South and down the ladder does not have any purpose until you have found the local DeLeon Logs here.
  • This will lead you out to the Yard.
  • Once again, it is time to start fighting through the COV.
  • Many of the same foes will appear as you make your way forward through to the North.
  • Be wary of the Sapper Tink, Martyr, and Longshot Fanatic there.
  • This will bring you into the cellblocks themselves and enter into Central Security.
  • Before beginning the search for the ingredients, you will want to clear out most of the COV in this area to make moving around easier.
  • Toward the end of the whole encounter, you will find the Badass Enforcer.

Collect Ham[edit]

  • To collect the "ham", you will need to find and take out the Firebrands.
  • Each of them will have a chance to drop the "Ham": Detonator.
  • Collect one to move onto the next ingredient.
  • They can be found along the Northeastern side of the upper walkway.

Collect Onions[edit]

  • To get the next "ingredient", "Onions", you will need to head along the Northeastern side and look for the opening to another corridor.
  • Just above the large TV is an open vent to hope into.
  • Climb in there and head to the left (Northwest) into the corner.
  • Go up the ledges to the shelving toward the back.
  • Look on the bottom shelf to find the "Onions": Wires.

Collect Sauce[edit]

  • Time to collect the "Sauce," the foundation of any pizza.
  • Head through the circular opening to the Southwest.
  • Through archway, you will see an opening in the control room's roof.
  • Drop through into the room there.
  • Next, go to the generator against the back wall and power it up.
  • This will open a gate in the area below you as well as the gates locking this room.
  • In this lower room, you will need to search a few boxes to find the "Sauce."
  • There are 3 boxes:
    • To the left in the corner just inside the first cage, open the box there.
    • Go over to the right to find the next box, to the left of the lockers to find the second box.
    • Go the Southwest behind the lockers to find the final box.
  • In the last one you open is likely to be the Nitro