Collect Umbrella is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Collect Umbrella is an objective in the Side Quest, Bad Reception in Borderlands 3


  • Make your way to the Shack that is nearby.
  • Approaching the shack, will reveal there is a Tink Sentry.
  • Approaching the shack will have its sliding door come down, blocking you from getting inside.
  • You can either run and slide in at this point or take out the Sentry before you can get inside.
  • Eliminating the Tink Sentry clears the path so you can more easily face the Badass Tink.
  • Once the Tink is eliminated, you can head inside the shack with ease.
  • Inside the shack, go to the backroom and go over to the left.
  • Connected to the toilet there, you will the Umbrella.