Collect batteries is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Collect batteries is an objective in the Side Quest, Kill Killavolt in Borderlands 3


Downtown Square Battery[edit]

  • Climb up the stairs from where you encountered Jenny from Raden-3.
  • Go to the North, going past the first building, looking to the Southeast.
  • You will see a dumpster with some paint splattered on it.
  • Climb up onto the dumpster and take the ladder upwards.
  • Look to the Northeast to find the nearby ladder.
  • Take this up to the next rooftop.
  • Turn to the Southwest and use the nearby metal bridge to get to the next building.
  • Mantle up onto the rooftop of this building to reach where the battery is.
  • Head to the Southwestern corner and claim the battery.

The Hills Battery[edit]

  • In the Hills after defeating Lena of Eden-6, it is time to go collect the battery.
  • From the back portion of the Hills, where you first saw Lena, turn to the West and head toward the building you can see there.
  • Go up the stairs here.
  • Turn to the North here and head around the building to the Southwest.
  • Climb up onto the rooftop with the AC Machine sitting against the wall.
  • Turn to the Northeast and you will see a ladder here.
  • Jump onto the ladder and climb on up to the next rooftop.
  • Head tothe Northeast and climb onto the shipping container here and turn to the Northwest.
  • Run and Jump to the Northwest onto the ladder and use it to reach the next rooftop.
  • On this rooftop, head to the North where you can see the Battery.
  • Approach and claim the battery.

Big Dock Energy Battery[edit]

  • In the area, head to the Western corner where you will see a small path heading out over the water.
  • At the far end of the walkway you will see the Battery.