Defeat the Rampager is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Defeat the Rampager is an objective in the Story Mission, Beneath the Meridian in Borderlands 3


  • It is time to deal with the Vault Guardian, the Rampager.
  • This fight has 3 phases that you will need to fight through.
  • Each phase the Rampager will change its element, going from Radition to Poison, to Fire.
  • You will start encountering more Guardians: Elder Spectre, Elder Wraith,
  • There are a lot of Spirits floating on the sides of the area.
  • These are very useful for getting a Second Wind if none of the Guardians are around.
  • After taking about 30% of its health in damage, the Rampager will briefly become invulnerable, with an extended lens flare on it.
  • During this time, a lot of Spirits will manifest above the Rampager.
  • Destroy the Spirits there to get supplies like ammo and health.
  • This will lead to the first element change, going from Radiation to Poison.
  • This will change its launched attack and it will begin to destroy the pillars around the arena itself.
  • It will also begin to ground pound, posing an Area effect of damage around it.
  • It can also swings its arm down then upwards to unleash a close range Acid splash attack.
  • In this form, when it is screaming, shooting a beam into the ceiling, you can hit its critical point.
  • During, and after, this attack, you need to worry about the collapsing chunks of ceiling coming down on you, so keep on the move.
  • Periodically, it will take enough damage to be stunned briefly.
  • Throwing a focused Damage over Time grenade on the Rampager or a lingering Ability is great at this point.
  • Unload moderate weaponry into the beast.
  • Entering its final phase, the Rampager will gain "Wings", allowing it jump a bit farther than before.
  • It is now at its most lethal and difficult.
  • It has sustained attacks that only getting behind cover will block.
  • While it is leaping around, it will be dropping a lot of fire bolts from above, covering most of the arena quickly.
  • Being on the sides is a great way to avoid the damage from this attack.
  • Now its ceiling beam is accompanied with a massive, prolonged burst of fire bolts from all around it, blasting anyone on its level.
  • Either hide behind what cover is there or jump up to the back or the sides to be out of the blast range.
  • Keep up your assault and hiding as needed to defeat this Vault Guardian.