Drive to Apollyon Station is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Drive to Apollyon Station is an objective in the Story Mission, Beneath the Meridian in Borderlands 3


  • Face to the Southwest and take off down the road in front of you.
  • Be wary of towers that you see along the road, there are Fanatics there that have Rocket Launchers ready to blow your car up.
  • Fight your way all along the road to drop off into the Runoff.
  • Continue to the West after you splash into the water.
  • Once again be on the lookout for Towers with Fanatics armed with Rocket Launchers.
  • Follow the Runoff to the West and then turn to the North.
  • Go through the spill gate in front of you, down the ramp, into the next section of the Runoff.
  • You will be temporarily trapped in this section, and to continue, you will need to: