Enter Apollyon Station is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Enter Apollyon Station is an objective in the Story Mission, Beneath the Meridian in Borderlands 3


  • Head over to the West, where you can find an Ammo Dump and Dr Zed's Meds.
  • Go up the nearby stairs, restock as needed and head on forward to the West into the tunnels in front of you.
  • Continue through the break into the first room, then into the next tunnel and into the next section: Apollyon Transit Station.
  • Emerging from the tunnels, you will encounter a large gang of the Children of the Vault.
  • To move forward, you will want to clear some of these foes out.
  • Get to the doors that are boarded over along the Eastern wall.
  • Clear most of the bandits out so Maya can approach the door and Phaselock it out of the way.
  • Do know a Loot Tink and a Badass Tink can spawn into this fight.
  • Once Maya has opened that door, then you are free to head forward.