Find tunnel to Vault is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Find tunnel to Vault is an objective in the Story Mission, Beneath the Meridian in Borderlands 3


  • Inside the station, you will start hearing from Tyreen.
  • You will also encounter a Badass Enforcer
  • You can also find Psycho Tink, Bruiser, Enforcer, Martyr, and more Fanatics.
  • Deeper in you can find a Badass Tink.
  • From there, continue down to the tunnel to the West, taking the stairs toward the tracks.
  • This will bring you to Green Diamond Platform.
  • On this platform, more of the COV will be coming out after you.
  • Be wary of the train that will be coming through the middle of the area.
  • Once again, you will encounter a Badass Enforcer.
  • Defeat them and head over to the West and into the tunnel here.