Hijack Target Sonic Cyclone is a Mission in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Hijack Target Sonic Cyclone is a Side Mission in Borderlands 3.


”Retrieve the Cyclone's Sonic Booster.”


  • This is a hijack target found in the Halcyon Suborbital Spaceport.
  • Head to the shown location to find the shield blocking access to the vehicle you need to hijack.
  • Start following the cord to see the breaks that are stopping the flow of electricity to the shield.
  • Go to the South and around the corner to the West to find the generator and see the cord leading toward the shield.
  • There is a break in the cord, but the bridge is created by water spilling onto it.
  • Go back to the East to the next break in the line, nearby the support pillar.
  • Look to the piping above it to see an exposed red junction cap coming off the pipe.
  • Shoot it to break the seal and have the water start spilling onto the cable, allowing electricity to flow to the next section.
  • Continue East past the pillar and turn to the North, following the cable to its next break.
  • Once again, look up for the junction cap and shoot it.
  • Water will spill down and allow the cables to pass a charge.
  • Continue to the North to the entrance of the tunnel, nearby the gated area holding your target.
  • Look above the turn leading toward the gate for the final pipe junction cap.
  • Shoot the cap and let the water flow onto the cable below you.
  • The water will complete the circuit and blow out the shield
  • Go over to the Sonic Cyclone and board it.
  • Now you just need it to live long enough to reach any nearby Catch-A-Ride
  • Drive the Sonic Cyclone out to the nearby intersection.
  • In this intersection, turn to the Northeast and head down the nearby slope.
  • At the base of the slope, go over to the right to reach the next Catch-A-Ride station.
  • Drive onto the scanner to complete the hijack and get the parts.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Hijack Target Sonic Cyclone Video Walkthrough