Kill Bandits is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Kill Bandits is an objective in the Side Quest, The Homestead Part 3 in Borderlands 3


  • Jump down from the rooftop of the garage and start toward the gate of the Homestead itself.
  • Time to thin out the Bandit horde bearing down on this location.
  • Expect to encounter a Fanatic and Festering Goliath just outside the barn from the first drop ship.
  • Defeat them and continue across the bridge to the main yard of the Homestead.
  • Reaching the front is likely to draw the Badass Psycho to you, so be ready for a fight.
  • After that, start dealing with the Fanatics, Enforcers, Goliath, Shotgun Tink, and Maulers.
  • Keep after the bandits until you clear them all out.