Kill Killavolt is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Kill Killavolt is an objective in the Side Quest, Kill Killavolt in Borderlands 3


  • It is time to fight Killavolt.
  • You want to be close to his level to fight him.
  • He will be using a lot of arcing electricity.
  • Resist Shock Damage.
  • Be sure to watch the floor that is around here as well.
  • The hexes on the ground can be 3 colors: grey, yellow, and blue.
  • Grey is the default state, with nothing happening to them.
  • While Blue, they are electrically charged and the Vault Hunter will take minor damage walking on them.
  • Yellow are getting powered up with electricity.
  • Killavolt has a shield that he uses to protect himself.
  • Shooting it enough will break it.
  • If you see 2 thick rows of electric hexes, you will know that Killavolt is about to come charging after you.
  • Killavolt's basic attack is an SMG that releases a number of Shock Pellets at you.
  • Can send out a wave of electric shot that can hit the Vault Hunter and charge the floor.
  • Keep on the move, strafe as much as possible and jump frequently to avoid the charged floor.