Kill Warden is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Kill Warden is an objective in the Story Mission, Hammerlocked in Borderlands 3


  • Dropping into this arena is starting a fair length fight.
  • The Warden is a Goliath that will have numerous health bars once you get through its armor.
  • Begin by attacking with Acid/Corrosive Damage to get through the first layer of protection.
  • With moderate frequency, the Warden has a chance to protect itself with a shield, rendering it immune to most damage.
  • The Warden will mostly attack with its fist after it is first enraged.
  • It will try to charge in a for a simply combo attack.
  • The Warden can also use its should mounted rocket launcher to do heavy damage.
  • When this weapon starts firing, get into cover.
  • The Warden can also lunge in with a grand leap that leads into a ground pound.
  • With this, a Warden Enforcer, Warden Tink, or Psycho Guard.
  • After you get through the armored layer, the Warden will become Raging Warden
  • Different guards will be seen around the area that you can use for second winds or to break the Warden's periodic shield from any of its minions.
  • Clear out the nearby COV to keep gunfire light on yourself.
  • Try to kill any enemy that the Warden is attacking first to stop it from powering up.
  • Any time it powers up, it will restore all its health and get a bit more powerful.
  • Focus on headshots as best possible, but body shots are just as effective.
  • Keep on the move and use cover against the minions.