Locate Spy is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Locate Spy is an objective in the Side Quest, Opposition Research in Borderlands 3


  • From the toilet, head to the North and back up the nearby stairs.
  • You have some traveling to do to reach your next destination: Tritanium Refinery.
  • Make your way through the areas to the West by going to the North and into the Maintenance Corridor.
  • Wind your way upwards through it into the next area the Tritanium Refinery.
  • Go across the Refinery to the West, climbing up the stairs on the far side.
  • Take the stairs upwards and up to the East.
  • Once there, head to the North through the open doorway.
  • Continue to the North and go through the next Northern doorway nearby you.