Meet Wainwright is an objective in Borderlands 3 (Borderlands3).

Meet Wainwright is an objective in the Story Mission, Hammerlocked in Borderlands 3


  • Start by going forward to the North, dropping over the nearby ledge.
  • Use the Catch-A-Ride Station, using whichever vehicle you want.
  • Using this vehicle, you will need to head to Knotty Peak.
  • Follow the road to the West, following it to the North.
  • Begin going up the road and then follow the signs to Knotty Peak.
  • Take the road up the hill to the Northeast.
  • Going up the slope, you will encounter some Fanatics.
  • You want to follow the path to the left (Northwest) to go forward.
  • Going to the Right will bring you to a small area, Headlift.
  • You can break the wall here with a powerful weapon on a vehicle.
  • Following the proper path to the Northwest, climb up the next few ledges, fighting through the COV, which does include some new additions: Mauler, and Longshot Fanatic.
  • Keep going up the slope nearby.
  • Fight through the COV in front and then approach the now open doors in front of you.
  • Approach and interact with Jakobs.