Playing Dirty is a Skill in Borderlands 3.

Playing Dirty is a skill in Borderlands 3. It is part of the Hitman Tree belonging to Zane.


  • Kill Skill

After killing an enemy, Zane's next five shots will have a chance to fire an additional projectile.

Number of Ranks[edit]

Playing Dirty can be increased to up to 5 ranks


Playing Dirty Rank 1[edit]

  • Extra Shot Chance: 10.0%

Playing Dirty Rank 2[edit]

  • Extra Shot Chance: 20.0%

Playing Dirty Rank 3[edit]

  • Extra Shot Chance: 30.0%

Playing Dirty Rank 4[edit]

  • Extra Shot Chance: 40.0%

Playing Dirty Rank 5[edit]

  • Extra Shot Chance: 50.0%