Tyreen the Destroyer in Borderlands 3.

Tyreen the Destroyer is a Boss in Borderlands 3.


Tyreen has merged with the Destroyer

  • Having reached the next area, Crown of Tyrants, you will see Tyreen merge with the Destroyer and become Tyreen the Destroyer.
  • This can be a long fight so be ready.
  • Start with a lot focused fire onto Tyreen herself coming out of the maw of the creature.
  • Doing damage to the body of the Destroyer is lower, but a lot of chip damage will still get through the whole of the life bar.
  • During the fight itself, you will need to watch out for the steps launching 3 trails of crystals from the feet of the Destroyer.
  • When she raises an arm, watch out for the spew of eridian sludge, which leads to a second attack.
  • The second attack here is add a fragile Eridian Crystal.
  • This crystal can be destroyed for health packs and ammo.
  • She can also raise up fireballs that she can have burst and shower the area with more fire.
  • After a while, she will start to slam her fist into the ground.
  • This creates more 3 crystal trails from the fist.
  • Getting through the health of the Destroyer, they will start to stumble and then fall to a knee.
  • Go around to the back of their leg and give you a chance to climb up onto the back of the Destroyer.
  • On the back of the Destroyer you will find a strange eye there to shoot.
  • Shoot the eye and you will be thrown to the front of Tyreen the Destroyer.
  • Here, you will need to unload into Tyreen with your most powerful weapons for the heaviest damage you can do.
  • After that phase, you will need to deal with the incoming ball of energy that has beams of solar energy coming from it that do heavy damage.
  • When you see the Destroyer charging up, her eye will glow, Tyreen will launch a powerful Eridium Beam from her eye.
  • Keep up the damage and get her to the second time she falls to her knees.
  • Having reduced the Destroyer's health to under half, she will start using a new attack: a set of beams will sweep across the whole of the arena.
  • Run toward it and jump over the beams to avoid the attack.
  • Be wary of the Destroyer throughout as she will launch a number of fireballs that sweep across the whole of the arena.
  • You can slide through the breaks between the fireballs to avoid the damage.
  • After this, you need to dodge another attack, where the Destroyer flies across the whole of the arena sweeping it with laser beams from behind it.
  • The Destroyer will then sweep back across the arena once more.
  • Watch for all these attacks and just fight through the whole of the health bar.