Borderlands Pre-Sequel: ...and Invincible Empyrean Sentinel - The Bestest Story Ever Told

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...and Invincible Empyrean Sentinel in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

"...and Invincible Empyrean Sentinel" is a mission objective in the Raid mission "The Bestest Story Ever Told" in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Just like the previous Sentinel, this is a multiphase fight. Each time the Eridian's shield and health is drained, it will change to a different phase. Just remember that each time the phase changes, it will unleash the Ground Explosion that the last Sentinel used. Remember that you need to hit its forward face to do either Shield or Health damage. All other shots are wasted without doing any damage.

Eridium Phase[edit]

Empyrean Sentinel Eridium

This Guardian is far from a pushover and easily the toughest foe you have faced thus far. It has a number of attacks that it can use. Be guard for them as they are hard to avoid and take notable effort to deal with.

Black Hole: The Sentinel summons a Blackhole. This will pull in the Vault Hunters toward the Sentinel. It will then close its hands to create a massive explosion.

Hand Beam: The Empyrean Sentinel will use its hands to launch a beam toward the floor of the area that it will sweep around.

Arm Swipe: The Empyrean Sentinel will slam its arm down and then swing it along the ground of the arena. This cover a large part of the arena. You can jump over this attack.

Back Hand Swat: The Sentinel will perform a quick back hand swipe behind it. It will swat at any players who attempt to hide behind it.

Shock Phase[edit]

Empyrean Sentinel Shock

This phase adds in 1 new attack and changes one attack. Just like other Shock Elemental foes its shields will resist Shock damage. You need to change your tactic there.

Knockup Zap: The Sentinel will slam its hands into the ground. This attack sends all Vault Hunters flying up to its eye level. It will quickly charge up a massive laser blast. It will loose it to devestating effect against any Hunters who are still at the right level.

Hand Beam: The Sentinel will now use 2 hands to cover even more ground.

Ground Zap: The Sentinel will places its hands on the ground and electrify the whole arena. Look for the lowering platforms and Air Boost to avoid the worst of the damage here.

Corrosive Phase[edit]

Empyrean Sentinel Acid

Once again, it only gains one new attack. Otherwise, an attack gets modified.

Corrosive Spew: The Empyrean Sentinel will cover a quarter of the arena with a lingering corrosive vomit. The vomit lasts around 30 seconds. Watch out if it uses its Black Hole attack just after this to pull the Vault Hunters into the toxic area!

Knockup Scream: The Knockup Attack sends Vault Hunters flying into a quick charge attack from the Empyrean Sentinel's mouth!

just defeat this final face and you will see it rain beautiful loot.

The Bestest Story Ever Told Mission Objectives[edit]

Turn in: Concordia Bounty Board