All the Guns is one of Claptrap's skills in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

All the Guns is a skill in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

It is one of Claptrap the Fragtrap's skills.

All the Guns belongs to Claptrap's Fragmented Fragtrap Skill Tree.

All the Guns has 1 ranks (you can spend up to 1 points on it)




Gun Subroutines
You randomly pick a subroutine focused on a gun type, making you more effective with that gun type, but less effective with all others. Upon selecting a subroutine you gain 100 Frag stacks, which decrease over time. When you run out of Frag stacks, your subroutine will be replaced with a new one.

Effects per rank[edit]

Damage +25%
Fire rate +20%
Reload speed +20%
Wrong gun-type damage -15%

Strategy Guide/Tips/Tricks[edit]

  • Powerful skill, but might be too random for some

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