Borderlands Pre-Sequel: Burn rival party's posters - Recruitment Drive

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Burn rival party's posters in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

"Burn rival party's posters" is a mission objective in the side mission "Recruitment Drive" in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


  • This can be done before you get the posters as the objective becomes active before you've gotten them.

You better have a Fire-type weapon for this objective as you can't burn the posters any other way. There are 3 scattered across Triton Flats in different areas. They are circled in red on the map.

Rival Party Poster - Recruitment Drive

Poster 1[edit]

Place recruitment posters - Recruitment Drive

Time to burn a poster. Head over to Lunar Junction. Head on up the stairs and go for the room with atmosphere. To the right of the elevator shaft you will see the poster you are looking for. Just shoot it from outside.

Poster 2[edit]

Place recruitment posters - Recruitment Drive

Turn to the South and head for the the Grabba, Shimmer Island. Head for the Stingray Garage. Go inside it and around the pillar in the back and head through the door on the left. Immediately turn to the right. You will see another Rival poster next to an incendiary barrel. Shoot the poster with a fire weapon or the barrel with anything else.

Place recruitment posters - Recruitment Drive

Poster 3[edit]

Place recruitment posters - Recruitment Drive

Head inside The Grabba where the Fast Travel Station and Moon Zoomy Stations are. You will see the poster to the left of the Zoomy Station. In this case, there is also a barrel next to the poster.

Recruitment Drive Mission Objectives[edit]

Turn in: Triton Flats Bounty Board

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