Borderlands Pre-Sequel: Explore Eridian structure - The Beginning of the End

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Explore Eridian structure in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

"Explore Eridian structure" is a mission objective in the story mission "The Beginning of the End" in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Head to the South and go over to the big door there. That is your way forward and down into the depths of the Eridian Structure that is Tycho's Ribs. Go through the first pair of doors to the Observation Deck. You will encounter a SAM Turret and a number of Lost Legion Marines, Sergeants and more Guardians. Time to get back to the fighting. Just remember that the guardians can take on a number of forms. This does in include Sera Guardians and the various elemental forms that they possess. Get through them then start off to the East.

Head around the center of Tycho's Ribs to get to the Compression Chamber. You will have more Lost Legion Marine to deal with. Keep an eye out for the raising platforms. While riding one up is tempting, don't to avoid instant death. Instead wait for one to go by and drop through the hole or just go over the edge.

Explore Eridian structure - The Beginning of the End

Drop down and head over to the Compression Chamber to the East. This lets you get to a massive room of treasure, as the name of it would imply. or just skip it and continue around the corner and down the slope toward the eridian structure. You have a lot more to fight through. As you head through the areas, you will encounter more Guardians: Dominant Guardians, Guardian Spectre. This path will eventually lead you over to the Particle Collection Chamber.

Explore Eridian structure - The Beginning of the End

Use Air Boosting to quickly cross over the center of the room and avoid some fighting. Plus it cuts out running around the center. There are a number of Guardian Cheru, Reapers and other Guardians scattered around this area. They will be emerging from the doors along the walls. Just keep going toward the South.

Explore Eridian structure - The Beginning of the End

On the far side of the Particle Collection Chamber, you will a Jump Pad. You can use this pad to reach the Side Mission: Z8N-TP. That or you can head down into the pit below and go through the opening.

Going through you will need to deal with more Guardians and a Eternal. The problem here is you now need to get past a shield that is blocking your way forward.

The Beginning of the End Mission Objectives[edit]

Turn in: Jack