Go to Moon Mommy Station in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

"Go to Moon Booty Station" is a mission objective in the story mission "Marooned" in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


With the Moon Zoomy Key in hand, head to the South and back outside into Kraggon Pass. As the name implies, there are a lot of Kraggons in this area. Head to the Southwest and deal with the Kraggons. Fight on through them as you head to the East toward the Dahl Waystation.

As you approach the Dahl Waystation you'll be contacted by a Scav. They will taunt you. Oblige them and head toward the Waystation using the stone pillars that are nearby. You can also take a little time to clear out the Scavs from across the lava canyon (or on the second pillar).

Go to Moon Zoomy Station

Now start fighting your way to the North toward the Moon Zoomy Station. There are a lot of Scavs in the way. Just get over to the station and approach the console in the middle of the Moon Zoomy Station.

Go to Moon Zoomy Station

Marooned Mission Objectives[edit]

Turn in: Janey Springs

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