Kill Col. T. Zarpedon in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

"Kill Col. T. Zarpedon" is a mission objective in the story mission "Eye to Eye" in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


While a large arena it is very flat. You can get knocked off and thrown out into space if you aren't careful. There are also Fusion cores that will raise out of the ground if the Vault Hunter approaches particular locations.

Kill Col T Zarpedon - Eye to Eye

These cores serve 2 purposes: Cover and damage. While Blue, they will simply provide cover. If you interact with them, they will turn red. After a bit of damage they explosion in a moderate fireball.

Colonel T. Zarpedon[edit]

Time to face down the Colonel in her armored suit. She is heavily shielded and this is not going to be easy. This giant mech suit is the first part of the fight. You also have a number of Lost Legion running around the area. They just add to the threat overall but also do a good job of giving you something to get a second wind off of. if Zarpedon has a number of attacks you need to worry about they are all dodgeable if done right.The ranged attacks are the first thing you need to worry about. She has 3 things she can do at long rang. She can loose a barrage of Homing Shock Missiles, sling out Shock Torpedoes or loose a Laser Blast. Always pay attention as to what she is doing here. Any ranged attacks but the shock missiles can be avoided with just a bit of cover. She only has one mid-range attack but you do not want it to hit you. She will perform an Energy Sword Slam by leaping with her power suit. This will let her loose a good sized AoE attack in the area around her that does a lot of damage. Avoid this attack at all cost! Finally, her melee attacks. She will punch at anyone who gets very close. Otherwise she will use the energy sword of her Power Suit to slice the opposition apart. The eye of the Power Suit is the weak point. The shield, as always, is vulnerable to Shock damage. Be sure to take advantage of the cores that are scattered throughout the arena. They can do significant damage to her shields.

Time to talk about beating her. First, a rapid fire weapon will be a great boon. If you have something that is Shock Type, this is your best friend for this and the next phase of the fight. More than anything, you need to take advantage of the mobility that being outside a suit offers. Zarpedon is slowed down by it if very well protected. Be sure to take advantage of the cover that is in the area. Jack will be doing a decent job of keeping the Legion's attention on him. Help him out by just keeping the pressure on Zarpedon.

There is one final note for this fight. Throughout the arena there are 3 exposed electrical cores. Zarpedon can approach each once and use it to quickly regenerate the shield around her power suit. Shoot at her to slow it slightly. It is very important to keep her shield down so you can finish this part of the fight.

Eye to Eye Mission Objectives[edit]

Turn in: Jack

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