Kill Deadlift in Borderlands: The Presequel (BL:TPS)

"Kill Deadlift" is a mission objective in the story mission "Marooned" in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel



This is the first full on Boss that you need to deal with. Deadlift is a crazed Scav in a really cool spacesuit. The area has a lot of height to it so feel free to use all the Jump Pads. They are the best way to get out of a tight spot here.

Deadlift has a number of attacks. The hardest one to deal with is his ability to electrify sections of the floor throughout this area. If you land on them, then you will take constant shock damage until you jump off them. He is also able to launch homing balls of shock energy at you as well.

The good news to Deadlift is that he is very slow. If he isn't getting around using the Jump Pads that is. This makes dealing with him at a distance very easy.

The best way to deal with Deadlift is to snipe him. Distance is your best friend. His weak points are the massive tank on his back and his head. Just aim for either with a Sniper Rifle and blast away from a distance. Because of his low speed, it isn't too hard to get a lot of damage in.

How to defeat Deadlift[edit]

Here are some tips for defeating Deadlift:

  • Check the vending machines for shields that make you immune to shock damage. They show up pretty regularly. Such shield will protect you from when Deadlift electrifies the floors.
  • Do the mission Tales From Elpis - it gives you a sniper rifle with shock damage that is good against Deadlift's shields!
  • Try aiming for his head.
  • Shock grenades also help a lot!
  • Use the jump pads to quickly find a place to recharge shields.
  • If you are playing Wilhelm, you can send Saint and Wolf in by themselves while you hide out in a nook. It takes a while but they eventually get Deadlift.

Marooned Mission Objectives[edit]

Turn in: Janey Springs

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