A Brother's Roast is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

A Brother's Roast is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Bladon in Goron City to get this Shrine quest.




Bladon's brother Gonguron should have been back by now...

It sounds like he went to Gorko Tunnel, southwest of Gorko Lake, to dig up the secret of the hero.


  • You are directed to Gorko Tunnel, southwest of Gorko Lake.
  • Direct Link to the labelled location on the map and go inside the tunnel that you can find there.
  • In the back of the cave you will find a collapsed Gonguron.
  • Approach the collapsed Goron and talk with him to trigger a cutscene. Bladon will enter the cave and ask a favor of Link.
  • Leave the cave and head down the slope carefully.
  • On the slope are a pair of Black Moblins that you will need to deal with as well as a few Red Chuchus.
  • At the bottom of the slope you will find another Red Chuchu and a pair of Fire Keese. The Keese will immediately start toward Link while the Chuchu will wait until Link approaches it.
  • For the next part, take some time to clear all the moblins.
  • Go to the far end of this area to find a number of Rock Roasts sitting on the ground. You only need to grab 1, but the numerous roasts may be needed.
  • Collect the Rock Roast and head on up the slope again.
  • If you drop the Rock Roast on the slope, there is a very good chance it will just slide down the hill and into the lava pit at the bottom, forcing you to go collect another Rock Roast.
  • Be careful going back up the slope, more Moblins will appear and boulders will be rolling down the slope.
  • Head over to the right hand side as you begin up the slope properly to avoid some of the fire arrows and the boulders rolling down the slope. With some luck, the boulders will hit 1 or 2 of the Moblins.
  • As Link is going up the slope, pay mind to where the Moblins are firing to avoid their arrows and losing the Rock Roast.
  • Use the switchback path on the slope to safely return to the tunnel with the Goron Brothers.
  • Past the mid-point of the slope, where the Moblins will lose sight of Link, 2 large Red Chuchus will appear on the left-hand side of the slope.
  • Keep to the right to avoid the Red Chuchus.
  • Keeping to the right will also help Link avoid a very large boulder that will roll down the left-hand side of the slope, crossing some into the middle section of it.
  • Once inside the tunnel, head toward Bladon.
  • Bladon will tell Link to place the Rock Roast on the Cooking Pot.
  • Bladon will cook the Rock Roast and its smell it raise his brother Gonguron. He will rise and eat the Rock Roast.
  • Gonguron will be reinvigorated and finish clearing the way to the shrine through the rubble.
  • The brothers will cheer at the accomplishment and Link will have access to the Shrine: Kayra Mah.





Bladon's brother Gonguron should have been back by now...

It sounds like he went to Gorko Tunnel, southwest of Gorko Lake, to dig up the secret of the hero.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Be careful of the numerous Moblins that populate the down slope are below Gorko Tunnel after you have talk with Bladon and Gonguron.
  • The Rock Roast can protect Link from Fire Arrows that are aimed at his head.
  • Elixirs and food that boost speed are very helpful here to make things easier and quicker.


  • The Rock Roast is similar to the Rock Sirloin that has been seen in past Legend of Zelda titles.