A Royal Recipe is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

A Royal Recipe is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Gotter in the Riverside Stable.




Gotter wishes to sample some of the foods prepared in Hyrule Castle back in its glory dies. If Link finds his way in there, Gotters asks him to bring back a Recipe.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Talk with Gotter at the Riverside Stable. He will tell you about some cook books potentially surviving inside the Castle.
  • Make your way inside Hyrule Castle, much like you would to reach Saas Ko'sah Shrine
  • Continue up the stairs past the shrine and follow them to the "Dead End".
  • At this dead end, use Magnesis to push the metal shelf out of your way.
  • Just inside the Library you will need to fight a Black Lizalfos.
  • Toward the center of the library on its bottom floor you will find the first cook book on the table just left of the center of the room.
  • This cookbook gives the recipe for Fruitcake, Princess Zelda's favorite.
  • Head to the right from the book and up either side of the double staircase to the second landing, with a pair of upwards staircases attached to it.
  • Be wary of the Black Lizalfos who guards the door here.
  • Take the second staircase to the right to continue upwards.
  • Head for the far side of the room, you will see a break in the floor and on the far side of it another Lizlafos.
  • Either use a running jump with the Paraglider to get across the gap or use the metal door and magnesis to bridge the gap.
  • Continue to the podium on railing, on it you will find the second recipe for Monster Cake, the Chancellor's favorite.
  • You should exit Hyrule Castle now to collect the ingredients.
  • Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter, and Cane Sugar can be bought in the Rito Village general store.
  • Monster Extract can only be bought from Kilton who is a wandering merchant that can only be found at night in particular locations.
  • To make fruitcake you will need: 2 pieces of fruit, Tabantha Wheat and Cane Sugar.
  • To make Monster Cake you will need: Monster Extract, Tabantha Wheat, Goat Butter and Cane Sugar.
  • Return to the Riverside Stable when you have collected in the ingredients for both cakes.
  • Bake both or either cake for Gotter.
  • Once you have made the cake(s), talk with him and give him the cake.
  • Giving the first cake will complete the quest and earn you 100 rupees.
  • Making the second cake will earn you another 100 rupees.



Gotter: Traveling alone - and in the rain no less? This inn is a thing of beauty, rain or shine, so it's a fine place to take a break. The river here makes for some lovely scenery,, and if you head northeast from here you'll find the Millennio Sandbar. There scenery there is every bit as lovely as the scenery here! I'm something of a connoisseur of beauty, you see - I simply cannot resist a beautiful sight! I try to exude this in all things, not least of all my own beautiful appearance. Speaking of, has anyone ever told you... You have the most beautiful features! Ahh, I do have many fond memories of this beautiful land... If you have the time, would you indulge me?

Link: I'll listen.

Gotter: Oh, you would? Even more beautiful on the inside! Now, let's see... If you head north through Hyrule Field, you'll see the castle surrounded by that foul aura. It has long been a den of monsters, but in its glory days it was surely a thing of wondrous beauty. It was in that very castle in those very days that my ancestor... Hmm, my grandfather's grandfather, I believe... Anyway, he worked as the castle's appointed chef! I couldn't believe it myself! Oh, how I wonder what sorts of cuisine members of the royal court enjoyed in those good ol' days... As a child, I would often suffer meager meals, all while dreaming of the beautiful dishes that might have graced my plate. Oh, if only things had been different! Gourmet spiced meat, seafood curry, mushroom risotto, egg pudding... Oh, my, I think I'm salivating. And it's my pursuit of those childhood dreams that explains the fabulous body you see here! These days, I enjoy my time working at these stables, sharing my tales of beauty with any traveler willing to listen. But I still wonder what could have been. Anyway, excuse me.. I seem to have caught myself prattling on. But looking upon your perfectly symmetrical face and discussing meals of beauty has rekindled my desire. If you should happen to set foot inside Hyrule Castle, could you find it in you to keep an eye out for a cookbook? There must be one lying around somewhere in there! I'm simply dying to finally sample the good of the royal court.

Gotter: You what?! You really discovered a royal cookbook? Could I bother you further to prepare the dish for me? I must sample it!

Link: Give him fruitcake.

Gotter: This... This is the fruitcake said to be eaten by the princess of Hyrule... *crunch* *munch...munch* *gulp*

Gotter: Simply... delicious... How could I possibly describe this experience? A refreshing aroma reminiscent of galloping across these majestic planes on horseback... No, that undersells the dish's complexity. It fills me with that heart-thumping intensity that seize your very soul when you're spotted by a Guardian! A truly elegant dish! I never thought I would taste something quite so thrilling. I really must thank you for giving such a beautiful meal! Here, take this. For your trouble.

Gotter: What?! You discovered another recipe? Could I bother you further to prepare the dish for me? I must sample it!

Link: Give him monster cake.

Gotter: This monster cake is said to have been a favorite of the minister of Hyrule. *crunch* *munch...munch* *gulp*

Gotter: It tastes... beautiful... How can I put it into words? It's like biting into a Chuchu... No, no, that would be disgusting and dangerous. It stimulates the brain, much like being pummeled by a Hinox! A truly elegant dish! I never thought I would taste something quite so thrilling. I really must thank you for giving me such a beautiful meal! Here, take this. For your trouble.

Link: Not now.

Gotter: To taunt me with such a delectable and beautiful aroma yet not share... So cruel...


Gotter, a beautiful man who works the stables, has become completely infatuated with the cuisine once favored by the Hyrulean royal family. Eating it has been his lifelong dream ever since learning one of his ancestors was a chef in Hyrule Castle.

Some old cookbooks may still be lying around Hyrule Castle.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

A Royal Recipe Video Walkthrough

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Gotter will pay Link 100 rupees the first time he presents Gotter with either the Fruitcake or Monster Cake.