Link talking to the Akrah in LoZ: BotW.

Akrah is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Akrah is one of three scientists found at Serrene Stable.




Akrah: My theory is that the leviathans of ancient times went extinct due to a violent volcanic eruption...

Akrah: ...Oh? Pardon me. I've gotten ahead of myself *ahem* Why did the leviathans go extinct? That is the question we scientist are trying to answer. However, we haven't yet located any leviathan remains, so we're stuck with theories for the time being. But we do have a general idea of where such remains might be found... The Eldin Mountains in the northeast, the Hebra region in the northwest, and the Gerudo region in the southwest. The climates of these regions are rather extreme. You've got the look of someone who's done a fair bit of adventuring. Would you be willing to find these leviathan bones and draw a picture of them? What I especially want to see is the head of the animal. If you can get just a bit of it in the picture, that'd be adequate. Do this for me, and I'll give you 300 rupees as a reward.

Link: Leave it to me!

Akrah: Excellent. You are a lifesaver in the most literal sense. I'll be waiting here with your 300 rupees.

Akrah: I really need to see the leviathan bones from the Eldin region.

Link: I've got it right here.

Akrah: This is...wonderful! You drew this! With this I'll finally be able to prove that the leviathans went extinct as a result of a massive volcanic eruption!

Akrah: Ah! You got pictures of all three leviathan skeletons! My thanks. Here's your reward. I shall conduct further research on my hypothesis while making careful study of your picture!