Balloon Flight is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Balloon Flight is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with found outside Woodland Stable.




The little girl, Shamae, wants to see a world that can float.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Go to the Eastern patio found at the Woodland Stable.
  • There you will find Shamae musing about balloons. Talk with him.
  • Tell him "Leave it to me." to begin the quest.
  • If you need to get an Octo Balloon, you can check the nearby lake for an Octorok to hunt down.
  • Octoroks are commonly found in Lakes, Ponds and rivers. There are also land-based variants as well. They all have a high chance to drop Octo Balloons.
  • For this quest, you need at least 1 Octo Balloons.
  • With the Octo Balloon in hand, go to one of the wooden barrels nearby Shamae.
  • Drop the Octo Balloons onto a barrel. It will automatically be attached.
  • 2 balloons can make this happen faster
  • Now just wait and let it drift upwards. The camera will automatically pan outwards.
  • Shamae will automatically react to this and be overjoyed.
  • She will give you a Star Fragment.



Shamae: I sometimes see it in my dreams. Do you think that a long time ago people used to live in the sky? I think so... Hey, mister! Just once in my life, I want to see balloons float right up into the sky! If you'll help me realize my balloon dream, I'll give you a treasure I got from the sky as thanks!

Link: Leave it to me.

Shamae: Thank you! Now put some balloons onto a barrel and make it float up high!

Shamae: Floaty! Balloons soaring high in the sky! Fly up and away to the land in the clouds! I want to visit the land in the sky by balloon. Then, I'm going to rise a really big bird. Yep, that's my dream!

Shamae: Thank you, mister! This is a treasure from the sky! Here, take it!


You promised Shamae, the kid from the Woodland Stable, that you'd show her a sky willed with balloons.

The first step is


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]