A Blood Moon in LoZ: BotW.

The Blood Moon is a lunar cycle event that happens once each cycle.


  • Previously defeated Monsters will re-appear
  • Bosses, if mid-fight, will have their health restored.
  • Most resource nodes will refresh.

Beneficial Effects[edit]

  • Cooking between 11:30 PM and 12:05 AM on a Blood Moon will guarantee a bonus.

When is the Blood Moon[edit]

  • To determine when the next Blood Moon will happen, head to Ha Dahamar Shrine and head to the Dueling Peaks Stable.
  • At the Stable, talk with Hino.
  • Ask him about "Tonight's Moon", if he does not say, "I'm getting that feeling again... Something is going to happen tonight. I can taste it!"
  • If he does not say that, go over to the nearby cooking pot, rest until Noon and talk with him again.
  • The Blood Moon occurs at random once per 8 night cycle.


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