Chase the rings of the waterfall is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Chase the rings of the waterfall is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Champion's Ballad.


Install the Champion's Ballad.


Link must find and chase the Rings that appear by a Waterfall.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Travel to Zora's Domain using Ne'ez Yohma Shrine
  • Head to the Waterfall just to the East of Zora's Domain.
  • Go across the bridge leading out of Zora's Domain and toward the waterfall.
  • As you approach, you will see a Sheikah Energy ring hovering partly submerged in the water nearby.
  • Once you enter this ring, the race will begin and you will need to pass through all the rings to complete the trial.
  • You need to equip at least the Zora Tunic, but the whole Zora Armor Set will speed up Link and make this much easier to complete.
  • Go through the ring to begin the race.
  • Follow the mote of energy ahead of you and go to the nearby waterfall.
  • Swim out to the downward cascading water and then use the Swim Upward ability of the Zora Tunic to be carried through the next three Rings.
  • When you launch out of the waterfall, look down and to the right to find the next ring.
  • Pass through the ring and then look just a bit to the left, after you land on the nearby rock.
  • Once again, dive into the water and Swim Upwards up the waterfall.
  • Pass through the ring at the top of the waterfall and then head over to the right.
  • Go up the rock and look toward the next ring in the shallow water.
  • Follow the mote into the deeper water and once again up the waterfall.
  • Go through the next three rings to reach the top of the waterfalls.
  • Here you will find the large end ring.
  • Pass through it to complete the challenge.
  • This will reveal Mah Eliya Shrine and its trial Secret Stairway Trial



The scattered One-Hit Obliterator led you to a location where a stone monument with a map of trials appeared. Kass's song seems related.

One, find what the light's path shows.

Two, conquer the ancient foes.

Three, chase rings of the waterfall.


Video Walkthrough[edit]

Chase the rings of the waterfall Video Walkthrough

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