Link can cook food dishes at a Cooking Pot in LoZ: BotW.

Link can cook in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Link can combine cooking ingredients in a cooking pot to create meals with various beneficial effects and buffs including added health restoration.


To start cooking, you must have a:

A Cooking Pot can be found in camps throughout the world. Open your Sheikah Slate and locate on the map the nearest camp where you can cook. This will be signified with a sauce pan icon. For example, in the screenshot below, there is a Cooking Pot in the eastern part of the Forest of Spirits in Central Hyrule.


Cooking food[edit]


  • Experiment with different Cooking Ingredients to discover recipes.
  • Some recipes are simple. For example, Baked Apple has only 1 ingredient, which you may have guessed correctly to be an apple.
  • For a full list of recipes, go here: ALL RECIPES


Cooked vs Raw[edit]

  • Many ingredients can be eaten uncooked, but do not provide as strong a bonus as if eaten cooked. For example:
Ingredient Raw Cooked
Apple +1/2 heart Baked Apple: +3/4 heart
Steak +1 heart Seared Steak: +1 1/2

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