Link talking to the Dorian in the Great Plateau in LoZ: BotW.

Dorian is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


One of the Gatekeepers in front of Impa's House inside Kakariko Village.




Dorian: I know you're there! Show yourself!

Yiga Blademaster: You don't have to shout. I'm right here.

Dorian: So you're the ones who stole the heirloom!

Yiga Blademaster: Heh... Such anger. It seems this thing is truly special to the fools of this village.

Dorian: Why would you steal it?

Yiga Blademaster: Don't play dumb Dorian. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you decided to leave the organization. You forfeited your lift the moment you left.

Dorian: Hnng...

Yiga Blademaster: You did well to tell us about the heirloom. Unfortunately, your usefulness has come to an end, as must you. But first ... it appears we have an audience!

Dorian: I can't believe I was followed. I'm sure you've figured it out, but all of this is my fault... There's no point in trying to hide it. I am... a member of the Yiga Clan. Or I used to be, anyway. But then I met the most incredible woman who blessed me with two amazing children. And so I tried to change my ways. Tried to leave the clan. But the Yiga... They took my wife's life as punishment. I couldn't let them hurt my children, so I used my position as gatekeeper to gather information for the Yiga. I told them about you and about the village in exchange for safety. But my grief over losing my wife consumed me, and I finally decided to cut ties to the Yiga completely. I decided I could protect my children from the Yiga. I wasn't afraid of them. But the Yiga are pure evil. They told me they would kill both Impa and Paya if I didn't play along. Paya figured out that this heirloom is the key to opening an ancient shrine. We weren't able to make it work, but Paya thinks that maybe you can. Paya... and all of us are devoted to helping you in your quest. Now, please restore their heirloom to its pedestal.

Dorian: The shrine! So the heirloom WAS the key to opening the shrine. Incredible... Master Link, I... I'm very sorry for all of this. I know it's a selfish request, but do you think you could keep what really happened a secret? I truly don't deserve mercy, but I don't want my children, Koko and Cottla, to suffer anymore. I know it doesn't make up for what I've done, but I pledge to protect the village and my family from now on. No matter the cost.