Link talking to the Drak in LoZ: BotW.

Drak is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Drak is a Goron miner who watches over the Abandoned North Mine north of Goron City.




Drak: Yeesh! What's goin' on today?! So many peeeople out and about! You should know it gets much hotter past here and there are also loooots of monsters. It's reeeally dangerous!

Link: Do you know Yunobo?

Drak: Why's a stranger like yoooou askin about Yunobo?

  • Link: Boss wants to know.

Drak: Huuuh? Boss does?! Yunobo... went to the vault to fetch some painkillers. But not that a mention it, I suppoooooose he never came back. This place is daaaangerous, so ya probably shouldn't go lookin' for him.

Link: Who are you?


Link: Where are I?

Drak: This is the Abandoned North Mine. Oh, and this is the little ditty we all used to siiiing as we worked: Ammo goes BOOM 'til ore fills the Room! Gather said ORE for rupees GALORE! Dig all DAY to get the good PAY! Yeah, this is a famous mine, my maaan. Or it was... until Divine Beast Vah Rudania showed up. Now it's waaaay too hot! There's tons more laval and all kiiiiinds of monsters out and about. It's so dangerous, we can't dig here anymore!

Drak: Soooo? Do ya neeed somethin' else?


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