Link talking to the Hagie in LoZ: BotW.

Hagie is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Hagie is one of the residents of Tarrey Town. He is a man of means. He is married to Ruli and they have a daughter, Hunnie.




Hagie: What's the deal? You're...

Link: I'm a traveler.

Hagie: I normally don't have to mingle with commoners...but I have a feeling about you. I'll make an exception this time. Your clothes... I'm guessing you're a little hard up for cash. Am I right?

Link: Yes.

Hagie: So for the down payment... I'd say 100 rupees sounds fair,yes?

Link: A ... down payment?

Hagie: I don't care about the details. Here, take it. Hand!

Link: ...

Hagie: Hoh ho ho! So you accept, then? Excellent! Now, listen to what I have to say. The Torin Wetland lies to the west of here. You're aware there are Guardians there? Not just one, either... Two of them!! You know how dangerous they are...So, sonny boy... I'd like you to find and wallop both of them in Torin Wetland. Then come and see me.

Hagie: It's you... Do you need something else from me?

Link: Guardians kaput.

Hagie: OK. OK. I saw the whole thing. You did splendidly. I'll give you the rest of the reward, as promised.

Hagie: Why do you look so disappointed? It can't be because the reward is lower than the down payment, can it? You commoners with your notions and assumptions... The whole idea that a down payment is a small part of the final payment is an idea entirely unique to the common folk! In any case, our business is concluded. Go over there. Or anywhere, really. Anywhere that isn't. Right. Here.


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