This page has the Shai Utoh Puzzle Solution.

The Halt the Tilt Trial is a Trial in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This page has the walkthrough/solution to the Halt the Tilt Puzzle.


Recommended Runes[edit]



  • Equip the Stasis rune and use it on the Lever platform in front of Link.
  • Run up the platform (and to speed up the Stasis recharge, break Stasis early) to reach the first ledge.
  • From here you can see 2 balconies, 1 on the left and 1 on the right.
  • Use Stasis on the lever platform in its present position.
  • This will let you reach the right-hand balcony. Look around to find a chest with a Royal Broadsword inside it.
  • Walk onto the far end of the Lever platform and use Stasis to hold the Lever platform in the proper position for Link to climb up to the left-hand balcony.
  • Turn around and grab the Metal Chest, bringing it to Link.
  • Go to the far Lever platform, underneath the high ledge with the constellations on it.
  • To reach this last chest can take some careful positioning of Link and the Metal Chest, expect it to take a try or two to get at first.
  • Climb onto the Lever platform on its lowered end with the Metal Chest gripped by Magnesis.
  • Be sure Link is about center, in the light blue portion, below the symbol.
  • Use Magnesis to lift and then push the Metal Chest to the opposite end of the Lever platform.
  • Lift the chest as high as you can, aim it for the far end of the Lever platform and then drop it.
  • Done properly, Link will be launched high up in the air.
  • Immediately use the Paraglider at the apex of his flight.
  • Glide over to the other chest and open it to claim the Ancient Core inside it.
  • Grab the Metal Chest using Magnesis and lift it upwards.
  • There is a second Lever platform past the one Link used.
  • Push the Metal Chest toward the upper Lever platform and release it while it is in motion.
  • This will place the Metal Chest on the far end of the platform, just past the middle point.
  • Drop back down to the Lever platform.
  • This will rise the other end. Lock the platform using Stasis
  • Run up the platform and onto the second Lever platform. This one will not move as long as the Metal Chest is on the far side of it.
  • Finish crossing the Lever platform to reach the Monk.
  • Climb the stairs and interact with the Monk Shai Utoh.

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Ending Stasis early decreases the recharge time needed between bursts and can help speed up clearing this trial.
  • You can tilt the second lever platform immediately, freeze it with Stasis and grab the Metal Chest using Magnesis.
  • You cannot launch yourself by using Stasis and hitting the appropriate portion of the Lever platform or drop the Chest on it to store the kinetic energy.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Halt the Tilt Video Walkthrough

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