Maps showing the locations of Hestu in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Hestu will increase your inventory slots in exchange for Korok Seeds.

Hestu Location #1[edit]

BreathoftheWildMapHestu.jpg BreathoftheWildMapHestu2.jpg BreathoftheWildMapHestu3.jpg

Hestu Location #2[edit]

  • Near the Riverside Stable, west of the Kakariko Village.
  • Even though Hestu originally told you he was going to the Korok Forest, he doesn't make it there, and instead stops in this spot.

BreathoftheWildHestuLocation2Map.jpg BreathoftheWildHestuLocation2Map2.jpg BreathoftheWildHestuLocation2Map3.jpg BreathoftheWildHestuLocation2Map4.jpg

Hestu Location #3[edit]

  • Korok Village in the Lost Woods (Great Hyrule Forest), west of Death Mountain.

BreathoftheWildHestuLocation3Map.jpg BreathoftheWildHestuLocation3Map2.jpg BreathoftheWildHestuLocation3Map3.jpg BreathoftheWildHestuLocation3Map4.jpg