History of the Zora, Addendum 2 in LoZ:BotW.

The History of the Zora, Addendum 2 is a Monument, and a location you need to visit for the quest Zora Stone Monuments.


History of the Zora, Addendum 2 Prince Sidon's Great Escape

There was once a giant Octorok in Hateno Bay, large as a mountain, which terrorized the village's fishers. Hearing of their distress, Prince Sidon went forth to personally eliminate the offending Octorok. But this Octorok was a tricky beast. After the prince dodges one of the stones it spat, it inhaled him whole. Such had been the fate of many strong warriors who went to stal the Octorok. Not one had come back alive. Just as it seemed Prince Sidon would be counted among them, the giant Octorok twisted in pain. The tip of a slivescale spear pierce the Octorok's stomach from within, revealing itself as the source of the beast's agony. Incredibly, Prince Sidon had fought his way out by stabbing his spear over and over into the monster's stomach. Unable to bear the pain, the Octorok coughed up the prince and scrambled to escape. Ever since, the fishers of Hateno Bay have passed down this heroic tale: The Prince Who Slew the Fell Octorok.