History of the Zora, Part Seven in LoZ:BotW.

The History of the Zora, Part Seven is a Monument, and a location you need to visit for the quest Zora Stone Monuments.


H---pry of the Zor-, Part S-ven The H-ro Who D-feat-d the Ly--l As T--d b- King Dorephan

T--re was a time when the p--ple of the land were thre--ened by the dr--- beast Ly-e- who lived on Pl--mu- M--ntain. But one Hy---n drove th- beast back an- re--ored p--ce to the do--in. Th- Zora helm w-n in th-s fight i- no-north of --- in the r--ns near ---- L-ke. It re--s ther- to h--or the d--eds of the he-- L---.

Time has taken its toll on this...