Link talking to the Isha in LoZ: BotW.

Isha is a character appearing in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Isha is jewelry maker who works in the Starlight Memories in Gerudo Town.




Isha: Sav'saaba... I haven't really got the time to be greeting people, honestly... Now that the Divine Beast has finally calmed down, there should be a rush of customers any second... So why did something like this have to happen to me now, of all times?

Link: What's the matter?

Isha: I manage a shop that specializes in handmade accessories, but I've run out of flint. I need it to make my items. If only I had 10... Just 10... If some kind vai would give me 10 pieces of flint, I could offer a nice reward... I can dream all I want, though... Nothing goes that smoothly in the real world.

Link: Accessories?

Isha: I use rubies, Sapphires, and other gems to make Accessories. Each gem type has its own power that it can transfer to whoever wears it. There's nothing I can do about not having any flint, though...

Isha: I'm sorry that you came all the way to see me for nothing.

Isha: I'm sorry... I haven't been able to get any flint yet, so I'm not in a position to make any accessories right now... Hmm, I wonder if I'd be able to work if a kind, generous vai were to give me 10 pieces of Flint, though...

Link: Here's some flint

Isha: Uh... What?! You're just ... giving these to me? Sarqso! But... I can't take this all from you with just a sarqso. We hardly know each other, and you've been so nice... The shop's been closed so long, I hardly have any inventory... Oh, of course! Now that I have some flint, I could make a jeweled accessory for you if your interested in something.

Link: Ruby?

Isha: Rubies have the power to grant cold resistance. So you'd like a ruby circlet?

Link: Sapphire?

Isha: Sapphires have the power to grant heat resistance. So you'd like a sapphire circlet?

Link: Topaz?

Isha: Topaz has the power to grant electrical resistance. So you'd like a topaz earrings?

Link: Yes, please!

Isha: Teehee, I thought you might pick that one. Please give me a moment...

Isha: Brand-new, especially for you! I think it turned out really well! Thanks to you, I got the shop running again, so if you ever need an accessory, please come by for a special discount. Just...don't tell my other customers, OK?


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