A recipe Poster hanging on the wall of the Wetland Stable.

Recipe Posters can be found in various locations in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

They are generally found hanging on walls in the different stables or general stores.

Read the recipe poster to learn how to make a useful dish or elixir.

Important: While recipe posters are a fun way of learning new recipes, you can find all the recipes in the game here on the wiki by going to this page:

Breath of the Wild: Recipes

Locations of all recipe posters are listed below.

Recipe Poster Locations[edit]

Hateno Village's General Store[edit]

Hateno Village's Uma's House[edit]

Tabantha Bridge Stable[edit]

Lakeside Stable[edit]

Riverside Stable[edit]

Outskirt Stable[edit]

Wetland Stable[edit]

South Akkala Stable[edit]

East Akkala Stable[edit]

Tarrey Town's Hudson's House[edit]

Tarrey Town's Greyson's House[edit]

Foothill Stable[edit]

Woodland Stable[edit]

Snowfield Stable[edit]

Rito Stable[edit]

Gerudo Canyon Stable[edit]

Kara Kara Bazaar[edit]

Serenne Stable[edit]

  • Meal: Meat and Rice Bowl
  • Ingredients:

Gerudo Town's Cooking Class[edit]

Gerudo Town's Noble Canteen[edit]