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This page will have all the Shields in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


  • Durability (DUR) affects how much damage you can block with the Shield before it breaks.
  • Shield Guard determines how much less damage your shield will take from attacks; if the Shield Guard is high enough compared to the enemy attack power, it will only take a single point of damage, and with ratings lower than the strength, it'll simply reduce the shield damage. It also affects how likely it is that the shield will knock the enemy off balance or disarm them when you block a normal melee attack. If the Shield Guard rating is much higher than the enemy attack strength, it can stagger them as if though the attack were parried automatically.
  • Parry Power As described in the Nintendo Guide, this is the damage you do when you perform a parry action. Only certain spiked shields like the Lynel Shield will damage the enemy when you parry.
  • "Where to get" is the region where the Shield is most commonly found; Or monster that drops it; or if it's unlocked by an amiibo.
  • Click on any Shield for more details and screenshots (work in progress)

Name DUR Shield Guard DUR x Shield Guard Location Notes
Ancient Shield 32 70 2240 Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
Boko Shield 5 3 15 Hyrule Field
West Necluda
Daybreaker 60 48 2880 Vah Naboris (Dungeon)
Dragonbone Boko Shield 8 25 200 Hyrule Ridge
Necluda Sea
Emblazoned Shield 12 3 36 East Necluda
Hebra Mountains
Fisherman's Shield 10 3 30 East Necluda
Hebra Mountains
Forest Dweller's Shield 18 30 540 Great Hyrule Forest
Gerudo Shield 20 20 400 Gerudo Highlands
Gerudo Desert
Guardian Shield 10 18 180 Guardian Scout II Found in some Minor Test of Strength shrines
Guardian Shield+ 13 30 390 Guardian Scout III Found in some Modest Test of Strength shrines
Guardian Shield++ 20 42 840 Guardian Scout IV Found in some Major Test of Strength shrines
Can deflect Guardian Scout beams
Hero's Shield 90 65 5850 amiibo
Hunter's Shield 10 3 30 Hebra Mountains
Lanayru Mountains
Hylian Shield 800 90 72000 Hyrule Castle (Lockup)
Tarrey Town (Shop)
Kite Shield 16 14 224 Hebra Mountains
Tabantha Frontier
Knight's Shield 23 40 920 Hebra Mountains
Eldin Mountains
Lizal Shield 8 15 120 Lake Hylia
East Necluda
Lynel Shield 12 30 360 Lynels
Mighty Lynel Shield 15 44 660 Blue-Maned Lynel
Pot Lid 10 1 10 Hyrule Field
East Necluda
Radiant Shield 26 35 910 Gerudo Highlands
Gerudo Desert
Reinforced Lizal Shield 12 22 264 Tabantha Frontier
Gerudo Desert
Royal Guard's Shield 14 70 980 Hyrule Castle
Royal Shield 29 55 1595 Hyrule Castle
Hebra Mountains
Rusty Shield 16 3 48 Hyrule Field
Hyrule Castle
East Necluda
Savage Lynel Shield 20 62 1240 White Maned Lynels
Silver Lynels
Shield of the Mind's Eye 16 16 256 West Necluda
East Necluda
Silver Shield 20 18 360 Lanayru Great Spring
Lake Hylia
Soldier's Shield 16 16 256 Hyrule Field
Tabantha Frontier
Serenne Stable
Spiked Boko Shield 7 10 70 Faron Grasslands
East Necluda
Steel Lizal Shield 15 35 525 Hebra Mountains
Akkala Highlands
Traveler's Shield 12 4 48 Hyrule Field
West Necluda
Wooden Shield 12 2 24 Hyrule Field
East Necluda

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The Hylian Shield has a very high durability, but is NOT unbreakable
    • However you can buy another Hylian Shield for 3000 Rupees, but only if the original was broken.

It can be found in Tarrey Town by talking to Granté. You need to go to the building near the ores to find Granté at the very top.

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