"Diving is Beauty" is one of the Sidequests in LoZ: BotW.

This page lists all the side quests in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Side Quest Location
Robbie's Research Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
From The Ground Up Hateno Village
A Parent's Love Tarrey Town
Hobbies Of The Rich Tarrey Town
A Shady Customer East Akkala Stable
Little Sister's Big Request South Akkala Stable
Hylian Homeowner Hateno Village
The Statue's Bargain Hateno Village
A Gift For My Beloved Hateno Village
The Weapon Connoisseur Hateno Village
The Sheep Rustlers Hateno Village
Sunshroom Sensing Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Slated For Upgrades Hateno Tech Lab
Sunken Treasure Lurelin Village
What's For Dinner? Lurelin Village
Take Back The Sea Lurelin Village
Koko's Kitchen Kakariko Village
Cooking with Koko Kakariko Village
Koko Cuisine Kakariko Village
Koko's Specialty Kakariko Village
Playing with Cottla Kakariko Village
By Firefly's Light Kakariko Village
Flown The Coop Kakariko Village
The Priceless Maracas West Necluda
Arrows Of Burning Heat Kakariko Village
Stalhorse: Pictured! Snowfield Stable
Curry For What Ails You Rito Stable
Find Kheel Rito Village
Face The Frost Talus Rito Village
The Apple Of My Eye Rito Village
The Spark of Romance Rito Village
The Jewel Trade Goron City
Death Mountain's Secret Goron Hot Springs
The Road To Respect Goron City
Fireproof Lizard Roundup Southern Mine
Balloon Flight Woodland Stable
The Thunder Helm Gerudo Town
The Search For Barta Gerudo Town
Medicinal Molduga Gerudo Town
The Eighth Heroine Gerudo Desert
The Mystery Polluter Gerudo Town
The Secret Club's Secret Gerudo Town
Tools Of The Trade Gerudo Town
The Forgotten Sword Gerudo Desert
Missing In Action Gerudo Canyon Stable
Rushroom Rush! Gerudo Canyon Stable
Good Sized Horse Gerudo Canyon
An Ice Guy Kara Kara Bazaar
A Freezing Rod Great Hyrule Forest
The Korok Trials Great Hyrule Forest
Riddles Of Hyrule Great Hyrule Forest
Legendary Rabbit Trial Great Hyrule Forest
Special Delivery Bank Of Wishes
Lynel Safari Zora's Domain
The Giant Of Ralis Pond Zora's Domain
Frog Catching Zora's Domain
Zora Stone Monuments Zora's Domain
Diving is Beauty! Zora's Domain
Luminous Stone Gathering Zora's Domain
A Wife Washed Away Zora's Domain
A Gift From The Monks Ancient Shrine (complete 120 Shrines)
The Hero's Cache Kitano Bay
Misko, The Great Bandit Dueling Peaks Stable
Wild Horses Dueling Peaks Stable
A Gift Of Nightshade Faron
Hunt For The Giant Horse Mounted Archery Camp
The Horseback Hoodlums Highland Stable
Thunder Magnet Lakeside Stable
A Gift For The Great Fairy Tabantha Bridge Stable
Leviathan Bones Serenne Stable
The Royal Guard's Gear Riverside Stable
A Royal Recipe Riverside Stable
Riverbed Reward Wetland Stable
My Hero Outskirt Stable
A Rare Find Outskirt Stable
The Royal White Stallion Outskirt Stable