Stranded on Eventide is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

Stranded on Eventide is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Make your way out to the Island of Eventide Island. The quest begins automatically when Link reaches the island.



Link must bring 3 Shiekah Sphere to their reciprocals to reveal the hidden shrine on this remote island.

Quest Items[edit]


  • When you land on Eventide Island, you will be greeted by the monk Korgu Chideh.
  • The monk explains that you have come to rely on your equipment and this challenge will be stripping you of it.
  • It will be up to you and your wits to survive the whole island and place the 3 Shiekah Spheres in their receptacles.
  • Start by going to the North, looking to find the Boat Oar that is likely just in front of you.
  • Collect it to gain your first new weapon.
  • You can also look around for Ironshell Crabs, and Hightail Lizards found on the beach.
  • However, start by going to the North, along the beach.
  • Be wary of the Red Chuchu that can be found to the East along the beach.
  • You can also find a chest buried in the sand and collect the Soldier's Shield by using the Magnesis rune.
  • You will find a small Bokoblin camp, with 3 Bokoblins.
  • It is recommended to use the Magnesis rune to lift up the metal boxes to grab and then drop onto the Bokoblins.
  • Clear out the Bokoblins using the Metal Boxes or some careful combat in with whatever you have found so far.
  • Searching the camp site, you can find Boko Spears.
  • Search around the camp site to find a wooden chest nearby which has a Traveler's Sword.
Bokoblin Watch Shiekah Sphere[edit]
  • Head Eastward to the broader section of the island where you will find a small Bokoblin fort.
  • Try approaching this area at night, where 3 Stal-Bokoblins can be found.
  • One of them will have a Boko Bow.
  • Defeat the others and leave the one with the bow.
  • Let it shoot arrows at you, dodging them for a few minutes.
  • This will give you a stock of arrows to work with and make it easier.
  • From there, head to the East during the Night and move in on the small fort you see.
  • Use an arrow or two to defeat at least 1 of the Bokoblins at this fort.
  • Aim for the one on the watch tower to make your approach easier.
  • If at night, the bokoblin on the tower has a good chance to look around quickly before going back to sleep.
  • Sneak up the steps and Sneakstike the first Bokobliin.
  • After that, sneak onto the second Bokoblin and attack them, doing heavy damage.
  • Quickly move in and relentlessly attack him to defeat them.
  • Continue upwards to the top of this area where you will find the first of the Shiekah Spheres.
  • Head along the beach to the North from there.
  • This will bring you up to the first receptacle where you need to place the Sphere.
  • Approach the Northern edge of the shore with the Sphere and stand in the water.
  • Aim below Link's feet and create a column, lifting both Link and the Sphere upwards.
  • Create 2 more to bridge the gap from the shore to the receptacle.
  • Cross the gap and then deposit the Sphere to complete this first drop.

Camp Sphere[edit]
  • Head to the Northeastern side of the island, searching along the edge.
  • You will find a floating chest in the water.
  • Use the Cryonis rune to lift the chest up.
  • Jump onto the column and climb up to the chest.
  • Open it to claim the 5 Arrows within.
  • Go to the Southwest from there, back toward the Bokoblin fort you collected the first Shiekah Sphere.
  • Make your way up the mountainside in the Southern portion of Eventide Island.
  • This will bring you to a large encampment which has both a Moblin and numerous Bokoblins.
  • Start your fight by taking out either of the Bokoblins on the lookout towers.
  • You will likely need to fight a number of Bokoblins.
  • Try to keep as much distance as possible between Link and the Moblin.
  • Fight through the smaller enemies and then you will need to shift your focus to the Moblin.
  • Keeping somewhat close to the Moblin makes it harder for them to actually hit Link.
  • Searching around the middle of this area will yield a white chest on the Northern side.
  • In this chest you can find the Knight's Broadsword.
  • Having cleared the area, head to the East to the Lookout Tower with the Shiekah Sphere on it.
  • Go past it to the Receptacle with the large stone slab on it.
  • Hit the slab with Stasis and then use any Club weapons you can collected from this camp and striking it numerous times to launch the slab.
  • Climb on up the nearby Lookout Tower after that and grab the Shiekah Sphere.
  • Throw the sphere down toward its Receptacle.
  • Deposit the Sphere there to complete it.
Hinox Sphere[edit]
    • Only attempt this at night.
    • There is a campfire you can rest at the top of the area where you just dealt with the enemies.
  • Head to the West portion of the Island where you will find a sleeping Hinox.
  • There are only a few ways to collect this sphere, and in most cases, you do NOT want to fight this boss.
  • From the Camp above the Hinox, jump and float down using the Paraglider.
  • Land on its chest and collect the Sheikah Sphere.
  • Grab the sphere and quickly throw it to the South.
  • Jump off the Hinox, collect the Shiekah Sphere and then start climbing upwards using the slope along the Southern side of the island.
  • This will lead you up to a final Bokoblin Camp with a few Yellow Chuchu.
  • Drop your Sheikah Sphere nearby the roasting steak.
  • Clear out the enemies carefully, using whatever food you have gathered to replenish as needed.
  • If the Hinox follows you up, then quickly go over a far side from it and stay out of its sight until it leaves.
  • Finally, use Magnesis to clear the Metal Boxes off of the final receptacle.
  • Collect the Sheikah Sphere and drop it into its receptacle.
  • Having completed the Trial, you will have access to Korgu Chideh Shrine.



Korgu Chideh: To you who has traveled to this island... I present you with a challenge. In your travels, you've relied on the equipment you've found along the way. Here, you must cast this equipment aside and face this trial with only your wits and whatever you can scavenge. Offer up the orbs to the three altars on the island. Only then will I acknowledge your skill and return your items.

Korgu Chideh: You've done well to complete the trial. I will now return your things, as I promised. Come, enter the shrine.

Korgu Chideh: Top you who sets foot in this shrine... I am Korgu Chideh. By entering this place, you've already proven your worth.

Korgu Chideh: You have done well to arrive at this shrine. A hero rises to right the wrongs of Hyrule. In the name of the Goddess Hylia, I bestow upon you this Spirit Orb. May the Goddess smile upon you.


Upon arriving on Eventide Island, a voice spoke of a challenge and then took all of your armor and weapons away.

If you offer precious orbs to each of the three altars on the island, the voice has promised to return your things.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • An interesting note: If you drop items on your raft before stepping on Eventide they will remain and you can pick them up after you are stripped of all your items. This will make your task easier with a small catch...those items dropped on the raft and any other items obtained during this quest, will be lost once you set the three orbs and you are given your items back. You can leave food, elixir ingredients, swords, shields, and even a bow on the raft. A bundle of arrows was in a chest were I landed. Just remember that what you drop on the raft will not be returned but it will make the task far simpler.


  • This is a very survivor Trial, having you lose everything aside from your health and stamina upgrades.

Video Walkthrough[edit]

Video Walkthrough