The Search For Barta is one of the sidequests in LoZ:BotW

The Search For Barta is a Quest (Sidequest) in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Talk with Liana in Gerudo Town having freed the Divine Beast Van Naboris.

Be sure that you have a Hearty Durian in your inventory before leaving Gerudo Town.



One of the Gerudo Guards, Barta, has left town again to find the Leviathan bones. She left unprepared into an extreme area of the desert and past a Molduga.

Quest Items[edit]


  • Talk with Liana who is in the courtyard to the right of the Chief's quarters.
  • This will lead you to the quest starting itself.
  • Before you head out, be sure that you have a Hearty Durian
  • You will want both Heat and Cold Resistance Level 2, depending on if it is daytime (heat) or nighttime (cold).
  • To find Barta you will need to head to the Leviathan bones in the Southwestern corner of the Gerudo Desert.
  • You can fast travel to it via Hawa Koth Shrine. This is also next to a Great Fairy Fountain.
  • Head to the North, toward the skull of the leviathan skeleton.
  • Toward the front of the skull you will find Barta on her knees.
  • She will be asking for a Hearty Durian. Talk with her twice to give her the Durian.
  • This will send her back to Gerudo Town.
  • Return there and talk with her captain to finish the quest.
  • You reward is a Silver Rupee.



Liana: Whuh... Whah... WHAAAT?! Barta didn't come back AGAIN?

Kotta: I'm afraid this time she went to investigate the leviathan bones in the southwest...

Leena: I... I tried to stop her...

Liana: But obviously it didn't work because she's not here.

Leena: Well, yeah... But... Everyone knows that area is the domain of the Molduga, so who would figure she'd even go close to there?

Kotta: Yes, nobody would dare! And not only that, but it's an extremely hot zone, so we wouldn't last there in our gear...

Liana: You... You IDIOTS! That scatterbrain wouldn't even realize she was walking into danger! I mean, you know that, right?! Why, it was just the other day she ran off and got captured by the Yiga! Ugh... I guess Barta will be Barta, and you all aren't going to change... But still, why does she have to go and get in trouble like this all the time...

Barta: Are you...a fairy? An angel? Are you here to guide my passage? ...Everything's going hazy... This might be the end...

Link: Snap out of it!

Barta: Ahh... If only I could've eaten a hearty durian one last time... A hearty durian... A hearty durian...

Barta: Ahh, spirits of the Goddess.. Before you take me from this would, if I could just taste fruit... Just one last bite of a hearty durian...

Link: Take this!

Barta: Hah... I've returned from the brink of death thanks to you... Sarqso! Huh? Is that you a spoke to before? So you are actually a voe... I thought you were a bit muscular for a Hylian vai. But don't worry, your secret is safe with me. I owe you my life, after all! Hah... ANyway, I'm totally exhausted. Maybe I'll rest just a bit longer then head home.

Link: Your boss was MAD.

Barta: Huh? So... they knew I snuck off... Oh, I am in such trouble... Yep, looks like I'd better go on ahead. See you later and sav'orq!

Liana: Oh! What a courageous vai! I heard from Barta! She said you found her! I told her you were as dependable as a Champion! If you were a Gerudo vai, I'd want you in my troop! Anyway, close one, huh? Looks like I got out of this without getting chewed out by our troop leader! You must be worn out, right? Here, take this as thanks! Buy yourself something nice in the market!


Barta has disappeared again. She headed south in search of leviathan bones but never came back. Not only is the area home to Molduga, but it's also known for extreme heat. You'll need special gear, or you'll be in danger. Use your map to search for Barta.


You found Barta collapsed in the desert.

She just keeps muttering,"A hearty durian," over and over again, deliriously.

...Seems like she really wants to eat a hearty durian.

You fed Barta hearty durian after finding her collapsed in the desert.

She seemed much better, but once you told her of Liana's anger, she dashed off back to Gerudo Town. Just in case, you should let Liana know that Barta is OK.

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The Search For Barta Video Walkthrough

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